What is a Residential Care Home? GaredenView Plano #AssistedLiving #ResidentialCareHome

What is a residential care home?  How is it different from large assisted living facilities?   What are the advantages of a residential care home?

These are questions that we receive on a regular basis at the Garden View Home in Plano.  A residential care home is exactly what it says:  It is a home for Senior Adults in a residential area.  They offer private and semi-private rooms and 24/7 care by qualified care givers.

An RCH offers a smaller ratio of caregiver to resident; usually 3 to 1 compared to 12-15 to 1 in large facilities.  The atmosphere is more home-like and meets each individual’s personal needs.  Theses needs are determined by the care plan that is done by the owner/manager during the admission procedure.

The RCH is like a bridge between large assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

The main reason most Senior adults search for an RCH, is because the individual needs more attention and care than the large facilities can offer, but do not require skilled nursing services found in nursing homes.

Most services offered by an RCH are covered by the monthly fee. Some of the services are bathing, hygiene, grooming, dressing, transfers, medication management, laundry, and house cleaning, home cooked meals and snacks.   Some facilities offer an activity director and music and pet therapy, and regular visits from a hair stylist.   Also, many different agencies visit an RCH; house call doctors, hospice, rehab and therapy, wound care and many others.  These services are not available in all RCH facilities.

Not all RCH are licensed by the State but should be.  The owner/manager must also be licensed and attend yearly on-going educational classes.  The State does an audit every one to two years to make sure that the RCH is in compliance with their strict rules and regulations.

At the Garden View Home Plano, our residents come to live out their last years in peace and tranquility.   We are family.   Our goal is to insure each individual is safe and happy and enjoys their final years.  Life is sweet at the Garden View Home Plano.  Call or come by for a tour and see what the Garden View Home has to offer you and your loved one. 

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