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Celebrate at Garden View

At the Garden View Home Plano we love to celebrate life.  We look for reasons to celebrate.  We celebrate our resident’s birthdays, we celebrate the holidays, we celebrate when the sun shines and when the skies open and supplies rain.  We celebrate and thank God for each new day.  Our neighbors celebrate with us by bringing home baked goodies from their kitchens and beautiful cut flowers from their gardens.  One neighbor even brings her dog to visit from time to time.  The residents love that.   

Our licensed music therapist, Brett Koltuniak, visits our home on Friday afternoons.  Our residents look forward to his visits.  Several days before he is scheduled to come, the residents start asking “When is the music guy coming”.  Brett can get the residents singing and playing instruments no matter what the day or week has been like.  The residents love to celebrate their past and present through the music Brett brings.

We celebrate the classic movies like Hello Dolly, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, Easter Parade and so many more.  We gather around the large flat screen TV in the sun room and enjoy the movie with popcorn and punch.

Students from area schools come to the house to sing and play their instruments for the residents.  We always have snacks to reward the students.  Celebration and snacks go hand-in-hand at the Garden View Home Plano.

A group of high school girls come by several times a year and bring seasonal cookies and help the residents frost and decorate them.  The best part of that is eating the cookies afterwards.

Life is short, especially when you are in your later years.  At the Garden View Home Plano, we do not waste one minute.  We celebrate life and we celebrate each other.  Life is good at the Garden View Home Plano.

What is a Residential Care Home? GaredenView Plano #AssistedLiving #ResidentialCareHome

What Is A Residential Care Home?

What is a residential care home?  How is it different from large assisted living facilities?   What are the advantages of a residential care home?

These are questions that we receive on a regular basis at the Garden View Home in Plano.  A residential care home is exactly what it says:  It is a home for Senior Adults in a residential area.  They offer private and semi-private rooms and 24/7 care by qualified care givers.

An RCH offers a smaller ratio of caregiver to resident; usually 3 to 1 compared to 12-15 to 1 in large facilities.  The atmosphere is more home-like and meets each individual’s personal needs.  Theses needs are determined by the care plan that is done by the owner/manager during the admission procedure.

The RCH is like a bridge between large assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

The main reason most Senior adults search for an RCH, is because the individual needs more attention and care than the large facilities can offer, but do not require skilled nursing services found in nursing homes.

Most services offered by an RCH are covered by the monthly fee. Some of the services are bathing, hygiene, grooming, dressing, transfers, medication management, laundry, and house cleaning, home cooked meals and snacks.   Some facilities offer an activity director and music and pet therapy, and regular visits from a hair stylist.   Also, many different agencies visit an RCH; house call doctors, hospice, rehab and therapy, wound care and many others.  These services are not available in all RCH facilities.

Not all RCH are licensed by the State but should be.  The owner/manager must also be licensed and attend yearly on-going educational classes.  The State does an audit every one to two years to make sure that the RCH is in compliance with their strict rules and regulations.

At the Garden View Home Plano, our residents come to live out their last years in peace and tranquility.   We are family.   Our goal is to insure each individual is safe and happy and enjoys their final years.  Life is sweet at the Garden View Home Plano.  Call or come by for a tour and see what the Garden View Home has to offer you and your loved one. 

Music Therapy at GardenViewPlano #AssistedLiving #ResidentialCareHome

Benefits of Music Therapy

At the Garden View Home, we strive to make each and every day an adventure for our residents by offering them exciting and stimulating opportunities.  We have found one of their favorite activities is Music Therapy.  The Alzheimer’s Association reports on their Daily Care webpage the following, “Music can be powerful.  Studies have shown music may reduce agitation and improve behavioral issues that are common in the middle-stages of the disease.  Even in the late-stages of Alzheimer’s, a person may be able to tap a beat or sing lyrics to a song from childhood.  Music provides a way to connect, even after verbal communication has become difficult”. 

Several years ago, we had an Italian lady resident who suffered from extreme agitation in the afternoons.  Her doctor prescribed a cream to put on her wrists several times a day to help with the agitation.  However, this made her want to sleep all day and become almost comatose.   Her family mentioned that she loved Italian opera music.  We suggested that they buy a CD player and some opera music.  In the afternoon, when she became agitated, we would put on her opera music.  We were amazed at how calm she would become by simply listening to the music.  The doctor cancelled the cream. 

We have found this to be true with many of our residents.  Brett, our Certified Music Therapist, comes once a week and works with our residents.  They love him and their time together.  Brett can stimulate even the most difficult resident.  We have one resident who does not wish to socialize and prefers to stay in their room, however, is always ready to attend the music session with Brett.

A study done at the University of Miami School of Medicine stated that “music can improve mood swings, reduce stress and agitation, and even increase cognitive levels of skill as the human brain still naturally responds to music even in the last stages of the disease”.  We see this in our residents every week.

Brett brings musical instruments for the residents to play as they sing familiar songs from their past. Not only do they love playing the instruments, but it also gets them moving and increases circulation.   We are one of the few Residential Care Homes in the area that offer music therapy.  Stop by The Garden View Home some Friday afternoon about 3:00 and join in the fun.  You might even want to sing along, grab a drum or a set of maracas’, and tap your feet to the beat.